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Folks in the downtown Charleston area are lucky to have a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist like Shawna Crabill in their region. While Charleston boasts plenty of LMFT’s, locating someone with the life experience and empathy of Shawna Crabill is a rare find indeed. Her training as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist was rigorous and thorough, and her personal life story makes her uniquely qualified to help others. Shawna Crabill offers counseling on a broad range of psychological matters.

We all know life has it’s ups and downs and it’s how you cope with them that has a great influence on your well being. At Shawna's practice, you can expect to receive a kind of counseling that will provide you skills you need to get through hard times you may experience in your personal life and relationships. Anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationship conflicts, even self-esteem, Shawna Crabill is a very good listener and will zero in quickly on whatever my be troubling you or your relationship.

Sometimes when a person is immersed in a problematic situation, they are too close to clearly focus and identify their own issues. This is where the caring, compassion and clinical skill set of Shawna excels. She will provide you with the perspective you need to clearly understand all the matters in your life that might be keeping you from being your best. She will offer solutions and coping mechanisms that you probably never thought of. These can be in areas of marriage, teen counseling, even ADHD.

The range of the therapeutic spectrum that Shawna treats is broad, but each situation is handled with a special care and custom tailored manner that really distinguishes her in the practice of psychology. Anything in life that can cause you troublesome thoughts should be addressed because you don’t really want to go through life with such burdens. You owe it to yourself or your loved ones to start improving your well being today at the practice of Shawna Crabill.


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