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Attorneys: Finding the Right One for You

Finding an attorney, whether you are going through a divorce, bankruptcy, or need a lawyer for your business, is not always easy. Finding one that values your time, puts your best interests first, and does not put you in a financial burden, can sometimes seem impossible. An attorney’s job is to protect and defend its client, creating the best possible outcome. At Stratton and Green, ALC, they use innovative thinking and approaches to litigate cases and helping its clients.

They provide their clients with the best services, including giving them a variety of options that educate them. This allows them to make decisions that are not only knowledgeable but are specific to their individual’s needs. If you are needing an attorney for any reason, consider Stratton and Green, employment attorneys who put civil litigation first.

Employee Law

Employee law is one of the services Stratton and Green offer and they find many different employment situations every day. You might need employee law services if they have found themselves wrongfully terminated or if they have been denied benefits.

Employment Defense and Training

With this important service, they can help businesses protect themselves from employee lawsuits, complaints, and offer in-depth training on employment law. This helps businesses have a better understanding of certain rules and how they should go about treating their employees.

Mediation and Litigation

With nearly nineteen years’ experience, Stratton and Green attorneys will their client’s trust and their cases. With reasonable mediation prices, only two hundred and fifty dollars for two hours, their experienced attorneys can help both parties come to a compromise.

Business Litigation

With business their business litigation services, they focus on their state and federal court knowledge to give their clients the best representation possible. If you are needed your businesses best interests put first, choose Stratton and Green.

As can be seen, they offer the best services related to employee and business law. They also provide services in construction law, general civil litigation, and chapter seven bankruptcy. If you are looking for the best, choose Stratton and Green.


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