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How can a therapist help me diagnose and treat ADHD?

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These days we are overloaded with information and the daily demands of life can leave one frazzled. Many of us have heard so much about ADHD and yet do not fully understand what this actually entails and how it can impact daily productivity and relationships. If you or someone you love appears to be exhibiting many of the typical symptoms of ADHD it would be beneficial to seek an initial consultation. This way you can learn more about ADHD and eventually learn whether these symptoms warrant a diagnosis.

Finding a therapist who specializes in understanding and treating ADHD can be life-altering. They will understand the different ways in which the brain of an ADHD individual works and approach all aspects of the client’s life with this in mind. For many clients these revelations are an “aha moment” as they realize they are not deficient in any way. In fact, there can be some notable strengths for the ADHD individual if they can learn to manage the negative effects while focusing more energy on the positive aspects of their condition.

What if it isn’t ADHD?

Therapy is a wonderful way to help you learn to see yourself in a new light. Through the course of therapy you will learn helpful coping strategies, understand some of the underlying reasons behind your own behavior, and discover new, more productive ways of approaching difficult situations and personal relationships. This is particularly beneficial for one who may be suffering with unmanaged ADHD.

However, sometimes it is not ADHD to blame. Many other conditions can display symptoms of ADHD, as well as circumstantial problems which are not necessarily a diagnosable condition. In any case, the root causes of whatever issues are manifesting can be understood and dealt with through the guidance and expertise of a therapist. So please do not hesitate to consult with a skilled therapist like Shawna Crabill LMFT of Charleston, SC, to start the process of working through the issues you feel might be holding you back.


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