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How Depression Impacts Negatively on Your Life

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Depression can be said to be a constant feeling of loneliness, sadness or worthlessness. Most people do not recognize it as a condition, or may be oblivious of its effects on the quality of life, and may let it go untreated. Here are some of the ways depression can have a negative impact on your life.


Depression affects how you perform tasks at work. It greatly hampers your productivity because you do not have the enthusiasm and mental focus required to accomplish challenging tasks.

It can also significantly affect your relationships at work. Even if all you are doing is avoiding workmates rather getting into conflicts, it can complicate efforts towards conflict resolution in the near future.

Quality of Life

Besides the dark cloud of sadness that is constantly hovering over you, depression affects many aspects of your personal life. It can affect your ability to get good sleep and you may be plagued by chronic fatigue which may affect your ability to handle responsibilities at work and at home. You may also lose your capacity to enjoy sex, or the need for physical attention.


People with depression often feel worthless. They believe that no one will want them or love them for who they are. They may get into a less than ideal relationship, due to their lack of self esteem. On the other hand, it can cause them to push away their friends, family, or a potential partner. It could create a destructive pattern that validates the way they feel about themselves.

Getting Help

Clinical depression can get to the point where one may opt not to seek help because they feel worthless and they may feel their situation cannot get better. However, it is best to get help as soon as possible to avoid making the condition worse than it is and to get your life back on track.

Shawna Crabill, LMFT of Charleston, SC is here to help.


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