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Shawna Crabill, Marriage Therapist, Family Therapist, Individual Therapist, Couple Therapist, Therapist

It’s the same glass, so why do people have different ways of considering it? This leads directly to the matter of whether you can accurately identify if any given person can be branded an optimist or a pessimist. As with many things in life, such general terms may not be so easily determined and there are many shades of gray in between them. You may be walking through life with what feels like the weight of the world on you. In what seems like an epidemic of anxiety, you may be fraught with harmful, dreadful feelings you can’t seem to shake.

You may be experiencing relationship issues that look difficult to define and resolve. It is issues like this that have led many happy clients to Shawna Crabill because they have come to realize what a smart and concerned professional can do to turn their life around, sometimes very quickly. While everyone’s situation is different, the kinds of problems that are discovered in a clinical setting among patients often fall into specific categories.

The varying types of cognitive therapy, sometimes amplified with nutrition and medicine, all have various degrees of success. Shawna can often quite rapidly get to the bottom of whatever issues might be bothering you and make helpful suggestions on new ways of looking at old matters. This is particularly true when the nature of the problem is psychogenic or spawned from within one’s own mind where a harmful thought can be reiterated over and over again and become overpowering.

Discussing the causes of these problem thoughts is a method by which the cycle can be broken and the patient receive a helpful new way of properly framing the matter and enjoy relief from what could otherwise be debilitating. The best clinicians like Shawna Crabill, LMFT of Charleston, SC, share something in common. It is their degree of empathy, their caring for others and possessing the innate ability to place themselves in the patient’s own predicament. In addition to providing the patient with comfort and assurance, it is a highly effective way to get positive results. More often than not, it is nearly impossible for someone to internalize their own clinical diagnosis and fix it on their own! There is no good reason to suffer. You have a caring and understanding professional at your immediate disposal.


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