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On Motherhood

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It’s about morning sickness and food aversions, emotional highs and lows, and hibernating like a bear even in the heat of summer. It’s about food cravings and doubling in body size. On the bright side there’s the ecstatic bliss in experiencing the baby’s first kicks and of course the amusing belly button pop. Then comes the sheer discomfort of labor and the painful crowning of the baby’s head. But then out comes your bundle of joy, sealing your fate as parent and caretaker. And this is only the first chapter in the epic journey and eternal profession called motherhood.

The real sacrifice

No one can understand motherhood simply by reading or researching about it. Only when you become a mother yourself will you be able to slightly comprehend the suffering your own mother has been through while you threw your temper tantrums as a little child or disrespected her during your rebellious puberty phase. And even young mothers can only speculate about the gravity and intensity of the sacrifices yet to come their way.

When motherhood is too much to handle

In a superficial view, being a mother means giving up your awesome bod for stretch marks and cellulite, your fresh and radiant face for heavy eye bags, and your clear skin for pimples due to lack of sleep. These are but a few of the physical battle scars earned in motherhood; the emotional counterparts remain unseen, unheard of and unrecognized.

Over the course of time, motherhood has its fair shares of ups and downs. And most of the time, it may not seem fair at all. The downs may often outnumber the ups and you wonder how your own mom even did it. If you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and have no one else to turn to, look up Shawna Crabill LMFT, of Charleston, SC. She will help you create your best self. You cannot serve from an empty cup. When the mother’s cup is full, the overflow will benefit her children and everyone around them.


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