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Overcome Depression: You Are Not Alone

Shawna Crabill, Marriage Therapist, Family Therapist, Individual Therapist, Couple Therapist, Therapist

There are things in life that we can’t explain such as events that impose loneliness, nervous breakdown, and grievance. Losing a loved one, failing an exam, getting fired from a job, going through a divorce and a custody battle, and other challenges in life can bring the feelings of loneliness and even fear. There are people who can break free from these negative feelings and emotions, but there are people who sunk themselves into this blueness.

It is normal to be sad and lonely. Nobody will take that right to feel these emotions from you. However, sometimes, it can be overwhelming. In times like this, you need someone to talk to and help you break free from this depression.

Talking to Someone is Your First Line of Protection to Overcome Depression

Basically, if you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions such as loneliness, grief, fear, and anger, you need someone to lift up your spirits.

You may be depressed if you think you are worthless. You are feeling this void or emptiness in your life and yet you do not know what would fill you in.

When these deep feelings continue, you will find your everyday life being affected. Sometimes, you just want to eat more than you are supposed to, especially the comfort food that you need. There are also times that you lose your appetite. You will have troubles in concentrating and focusing on everything that you are doing because inside your mind, there is this chaos. You need someone to talk to.

Who Do You Need to Talk To?

There is someone who you can talk to. That someone is Shawna Crabill LMFT, a marriage and family therapist in Charleston, SC. She knows what you are going through and she knows what you need – a closure, a source of happiness, and finding your true self. Shawna Crabill will help you understand how to value self-worth.


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