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Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Consider Couples Therapy

Shawna Crabill, Marriage Therapist, Family Therapist, Individual Therapist, Couple Therapist, Therapist

Getting into arguments and not being in the mood to do things with your spouse sometimes are normal. Every couple goes through difficult times as it is part of building a relationship together.

Note, however, that there are instances wherein problems cannot be resolved by merely hoping that everything would work out fine. If you are wondering if it is time to seek couples therapy, here are some important signs that you need to watch out for:

  • You keep fighting on the same thing over and over.

If you are caught up in a cycle of an unending argument, it is time to call an objective party who can break the nasty cycle. If you keep arguing about the same thing every time, neither one of you is in the position to resolve the situation. Having a credible therapist to hear you out, on the other hand, can give you and your partner a different and unbiased perspective about your recurring issue.

  • Pointing your finger has become your default response.

If you keep blaming each other about everything that has gone wrong in your relationship, going into couple’s therapy can help you become accountable in your relationship again. Talking things over with a skilled therapist can help increase your self-awareness and responsibility.

  • One of you is pondering about having an affair.

If you are attracted to another and seriously considering cheating on your partner, it is best that you seek couples therapy immediately.

Contrary to what most people think, couples therapy are not solely for couples who are on the verge of divorce. In fact, seeking couples therapy early can prevent even a slight thought of permanent separation. If you think that the signs above apply to you, get in touch with Shawna Crabill, LMFT today to learn more about couples therapy and receive a free consultation.


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