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Young people transitioning from adolescence to adulthood find themselves in stress, optimism, and uncertainty. There is the feeling of in-between where as a young person who is just knocking the doors to adult life may find that you don’t fully identify yourself with adult responsibilities and roles. You have not attained the financial independence and you have problems creating a romantic relationship or marriage and parenthood. These elements may bring about anxiety, fear, and depression. These four steps can help you in tending your body and mind:

Just breathe Before you decide what to do, you want to stop, breathe, and calm down. You will get this in mindful training, but basically, it’s about taking some deep breaths and an elongated exhale. This way, you calm the fight-flight arousal system while also clearing your mind. When in this state of mind, you can think clearly and slow down the emotional reactive behaviors.

Be present When you breathe and relax the body and mind, you are being present. You become aware and conscious of whatever is happening. If you make yourself present, you become aware of your senses, body sensations, thoughts, feelings, and imagery in your mind. Being here, now allows you to make better choices.

Let it go Much of the stress you are having is being caused by unnecessary worry, anxiety, and rumination. You can find peace in yourself when you discover that some of the things that are worrying you and creating stress, shouldn’t be. After all, if you can solve a problem, then why does it have to make you unhappy, and if it cannot be solved, what is the point of being unhappy.

Begin again Don’t tie yourself to self judgment and emotional reactions. Begin again if you don’t get the expectations and desires you wanted. No matter what may happen, you need to understand your inner self, accept and regulate your own mind and body.

Be the person you want to be by consulting with Shawna Crabill LMFT, of Charleston, SC. Start dealing with the marriage conflicts, anxiety, depression, grief, and other psychological challenges you may be experiencing now, before they bring down your life.


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