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" Shawna has been instrumental in the ongoing development of our relationship. We have seen her on a bi-weekly basis for the past 3 years, and wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Her ability to diffuse any situation or disagreement has allowed us, as a couple, to see each other’s perspectives and further mutual respect and admiration. Moreover, she has an uncanny ability to act as an unbiased third party to our discussions, instead of taking one side or another. Shawna always makes sure to provide a comfortable emotional setting that we haven’t found anywhere else. We are truly thankful for her contribution to our relationship." 

- Anonymous

" My family has endured many significant events, from the death of my son 12 years ago, my teen having drug and alcohol issues, loss of spousal employment, work place drama and divorce. Through it all my children and I have managed to maintain and grow healthier, stronger relationships with one another. I have put aside old matters that I had struggled with for decades and had control of me, taking me into a constant spiral.   With Shawna’s guidance and support I have learned how to let things go and prioritize what is important. 13 Months ago I found the strength in myself, through my sessions with Shawna, to finally do what I knew needed to be done 15 years ago…file for divorce. Since I started therapy with her my relationship with my two daughters has never been better. I have a teenager who has been clean and sober for 14 months, has a newfound relationship with God, trusts and truly loves her family, and has a newfound respect for herself and others.   I have a 10-year-old daughter, who regardless of rarely seeing her father since I filed for divorce , still feels loved and supported and has learned to fill the void with others around her. With Shawna she has been able to understand that these situations are of no fault of hers, and thankfully she is confident, positive and thriving.   Shawna has truly been an important individual in our lives. She is genuine, honest and kind-hearted. Without her help and professionalism these dramatic changes and transitions would not have been as smooth nor given such strength in each of us. " 

- A Mother with great gratitude and a bright new future

" Shawna Crabill, MFT is the most dedicated and caring professional in her field I have had the experience of working with. I am forever grateful for her kindness, professionalism, and strength in being able to restore our family back into a loving and respectful environment. Shawna has taken our darkest hours and shown us there is a bright future. From the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful! "

- Anonymous

" Highly responsive. Incredibly accessible. Very insightful. Highly professional. These are just a few of the phrases I would use to describe Shawna Crabill. Building trust with a teenage girl is not an easy task, especially when that girl is feeling vulnerable and suffers from low self-esteem. Shawna has been able to build that trust with my daughter and because of that, Shawna has helped my daughter immensely on her journey to overcome emotional and mental challenges. I would highly recommend Shawna as a therapist. "

- Anonymous

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